TikTok – #coversongcommunity

1st heres my TikTok:


I am completely hooked on TikTok at the moment! In addition to featuring one original song a month, along with some other random content *the Filters Oh My! — I just created #coversongcommunity there. If you’re a Musician that likes to play cover songs and do duets come play with me!

This is how #coversongcommunity works. Once a week, I feature & cover songs by a famous artist, any music genre. I Welcome other musicians to play a song by the same artist and tag me for a duet or a profile share (AND use the #coversongcommunity tag).

If the artist of the week isn’t other musicians thang, no prob! They can cover a different song, use the Hashtag and tag me – they will get shared (and maybe get some new followers during the process).

I see the community as a place for musicians from all over the world to play their favorite songs together& gain more followers while promoting their own music at the same time. So far, it has been pretty fun and i have a handful of great musicians (new friends) that are playing along with me.