www.dontyouknowILoveYou.com – Early 2000s-ish

Here’s the 1st Country Song I laid down – It’s the 1st original country song that my dad, Doug Monroe, wrote the lyrics too & I can NOT believe that I found it! It’s incredibly CHEESY.. the chorus is catchy though – I’m over here singing “www.dontyouknowILoveyou.com” over and over again. My kids will soon say “STOP IT MOMMY!”

I can’t believe I am posting this for the masses to hear since it may be the SILLIEST song on earth. I guess I’m sharing because it makes me LAUGH! It also makes me CRY – there are some pretty bad notes sung in here. Only my DAD would rhyme the word “fit” with “biscuit”

Remembering all of that internet dating way back when makes me CRINGE.

I think this photo is from around the time www.dontyouknowILoveYou.com was written