Umpteen – Auto Pilot (2003)

Is TBT still a thing? Well, here’s one from 2003. Back when I was 22, I was in a garage-type indie rock band called Umpteen. My boyfriend at the time was the drummer. I think I was trying to channel Amy Lee from “Evanescence” at that time. This was a bit before my Americana music singing days. We played around Athens a good bit – Tasty World mostly from what I remember. I do remember a whole lot of alcohol was involved at those gigs. I mean, I was 22, in Athens, in yet another Athens Indie-rock band – That’s why we called ourselves Umpteen! We were the Umpteenth band in Athens – duh! Auto Pilot (or is it autopilot?) here was recorded at Pig Pen Studios. I hope you enjoy listening to this weird auto-tuned song as much as I enjoyed recording it! It was my very first time recording a song in a studio! I look forward to recording some new ones soon!