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  • TikTok – #coversongcommunity

    1st heres my TikTok: I am completely hooked on TikTok at the moment! In addition to featuring one original song a month, along with some other random content *the Filters Oh My! — I just created #coversongcommunity there. If you’re a Musician that likes to play cover songs and do duets come play with…

  • My dinner Theater in Social Circle

    I’m doing a dinner Theater in Social Circle. The show is an original script with some audience interaction – A mystery, comedy, 1970s Pageant. I’m playing a Country Mama. Show Dates are Oct 15,16 and 22, 23. Link to tickets here:

  • I’m on TikTok

    My coworker told me to join Tiktok to post music clips — Apparently Facebook is old news and EVERYBODY is on TikTok (I’m always the last one to know about things) — so I did, I (re)-joined it…. Here’s a clip of “Ghost Town” by Fester Hagood, on my album “Ghost town.” Still trying to…

  • – Early 2000s-ish

    Here’s the 1st Country Song I laid down – It’s the 1st original country song that my dad, Doug Monroe, wrote the lyrics too & I can NOT believe that I found it! It’s incredibly CHEESY.. the chorus is catchy though – I’m over here singing “” over and over again. My kids will soon…

  • Umpteen – Auto Pilot (2003)

    Is TBT still a thing? Well, here’s one from 2003. Back when I was 22, I was in a garage-type indie rock band called Umpteen. My boyfriend at the time was the drummer. I think I was trying to channel Amy Lee from “Evanescence” at that time. This was a bit before my Americana music…

  • July 10 – GIG Announcement

    I’ll be a featured Songwriter Sunday, July 10th at Fester Hagood’s Mojo Confessional Songwriter Showcase at No 3 Railroad Street in Arnoldsville! Also on the bill are Bluegrass/ Americana Titans Pickled Holler and a special set by Woody Garrison with The Redstone Ramblers! We’ll be starting at SIX (not 5) to beat the heat! Potluck…

  • Eddie’s Attic – 2007

    I was only able to recover 2 of the songs from playing at Eddie’s attic back in 2007. See Rock City – By Caroline Monroe, Doug Monroe, and Fester Hagood Right Here in My Heart – By Fester Hagood

  • See Rock City Live – 2005

    This was a long time ago – 2005 Battle of the Bands. We won!

  • Bio

    Just a middle aged mom trying to get back into playing music, do some Voice Over, act in some plays and indie movies. Perhaps it’s a mid life crisis but you better believe I’ll have fun doing this stuff! 2004: Graduated from UGA with a Biology Degree – Stayed in Athens to work at a…

  • Check out my Facebook Page

    I played at the Blooms Festival in Monroe, Ga on 6/18. My dad requested a filmed “Jolene.” By Dolly Parton of course. You’ll find it on my Facebook “Caroline Monroe Boyd Entertainment” page. Browse my FB page to find more covers. Follow me – because there’s more to come!